Managing Courses Is About To Get Easier Than You Have Ever Seen It Before

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Here are Just Some of the Features

Search_glyph Search Everything

Search through all of your documents, lessons, text, and assignments quickly and easily. Just start typing and let Velocity do the work for you.

As you type in the search box, Velocity uses full text searching techniques to match what you are most likely looking for. The results that are determined to be the most likely are returned towards the top, with the matched letters and words highlighted.

The remaining matches are listed below the most likely in order of relevance

Finally, if you are still not satisfied with the results, pressing return will bring up a comprehensive list of all results.

Stop wasting time trying to remember where you placed something and let Velocity help you get more done in less time.


Share_glyph Drag and Drop Media

Software applications should get out of your way and let you add files to your courses quickly. Velocity does this very thing by using drag and drop technology to allow you to drag media files right where you want them and have them rendered in real time.

Stop wasting time clicking on file inputs for files that should be displayed immediately.

Velocity works hard to make sure you are spending as little time as possible waiting on the application and more time creating engaging content for your students.

Text_glyph Easy Text Formatting

Velocity uses Markdown and a live preview to render rich text as you type. If you want to add emphasis to text, Velocity let’s you see what that looks like right now. If you don’t like it, you can go back and still see what it will look like. No need for hitting enter only to realize it’s not what you thought it was and going back to edit.

If Markdown scares you, that’s okay; it’s only a tool to help you. You are not forced to use Markdown. Velocity can handle plain text also.

You don’t need to be a Markdown power user. Velocity also has a handy toolbar for the most common tasks like bold, italic, and block quote. But of course, if you are comfortable with Markdown, you can manually add anything that Markdown supports.